Streets of London

A serious London realism roleplay server


Custom Vehicles

Whitelisted Jobs

Custom Maps

Bespoke Scripts

Realistic Economy

Multiple Characters












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Serious roleplay

We are a serious roleplay server meaning we have strict rules that must be followed at all times.

London based

Our server atmosphere is based on the streets of London. We try our best to provide an immersive, British experience in every way possible.


More than anything we want to build a loyal, friendly community that strive to push the boundaries of RP.


We have a fully bespoke jobs and cost system in place to implement a more realistic, deflated economy and lifestyle experience.


Join the

Our main community hub is going to be on Discord. We have a full discord server set up with every channel needed to run all whitelisted businesses, jobs and more; We also post frequent updates to our changelog to keep you all in the loop when it comes to what is happening with your server.

We really want to emphasise on getting the community involved in building this server up to what we know its potential to be, that's why we're looking to host a variety of server wide events that everyone will want to get involved in. We're also looking to produce a media feed filled with the content you all provide us, be it screenshots, RP scenario videos, player biographies and more.

In addition to all of these features we're providing for our community, we also have a full team of dedicated admins set up to help you with anything you require. These admins are trusted individuals with just as much drive as the founders to grow this server to its fullest potential. They will strictly enforce the rules whilst providing care and support to our player base.

Dedicated Server

All of SoLRP's applications and services are hosted on a secure dedicated server, meaning less down time, full bandwidth and faultless backup systems.

active development

Streets of London is currently undergoing development from a dedicated team of individuals with an extensive history in RP meaning there will be a constant flow of updates, bug fixes and content patches to keep the server fresh.

Proactive Admins

We have a dedicated and passionate group of admins that try their hardest to help with any and all issues whilst maintaining the highest level of professionalism and quality immersion at the same time.

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